The key
to entering the business network of a metropolis...

Discover Premium Access to targeted business events


You are an ambitious professional, a student entering the marketplace, a new arrival to a city…

How do you build your network?

"By participating at the right networking opportunities !"


Your employees are networking already.

How do you make them your ambassadors,
and have them promote your company's visibility at events?

"By participating at the right networking opportunities !"


You are a professional business event organizer.
Your company, your association is creating an event.

How do you guarantee it’s success?

"By ensuring the presence of the right people !"

Our exclusive
"ECR" technology

Event Compatibility Ranking

To capitalize on our experience we have developed a valuable tool for attendees and organizers.

"The more you share with us, the better we can help you!"

We utilize your professional objectives, existing social network profile (LinkedIn), ticketing platform accounts, etc...

to provide you with an amazing graphic index,  matching you perfectly to an event.